Friday, 13th of Juli, 2018

As life is absurd in its entirety I shall write ironically about it, whilst being completely serious. I give a voice to the darkest of urges within my soul.

The Wicked Witch


November 8th, 2018

I am making great progress with my descendant in regards to her magical development. I had to learn, that she was actually venerating random deities. That is the worst thing one may do to oneself magically. It will suck you dry. What we did was to search for some ancestors present on the other side willing to help us here and planning to be reborn into our line. That is how it works – you venerate your ancestors. In return they support you magically. You call them to be reborn into your line and in return they will do the same for you. This way the powers will not dissipate but instead be increased with every generation. With every incarnation you will gain as well as while you are venerated as an ancestor. So we did find a few promising candidates we are establishing a relationship with now.

Also I have a hunch why magic is so pathetic here: Apparently everything gets exposed to what they call “radio waves”. There are so many electromagnetic disturbances (this is a modern word for the communicating energies between the magical realm and the material universe) that it is a miracle any magic is possible at all here. This means that one main focus of my training is finding out how to deal with this terrible nuisance.

The Wicked Witch.

November 2nd, 2018

Finally we made some progress – these past weeks were full of development and I think I shall start with the holidays:

My descendant and I went to a so-called “survival training” which basically means to pay money to be homeless. The stupidity in this day and age is unbelievable. One thing is, that even for the most basic experiences money is payed. They want to move – they pay. They want to learn a skill – they pay. They want to make an experience – they pay. The other thing is that they have forgotten the most basic skills of life as are vegetating in front of the television. They do not know how to sleep outside, how to keep warm, how to find water, how to make necessary items or how to feed themselves. Using things every day, that one does not know how to make or fix is another such thing – why? How did it come to this? Even the great cities from my time in the east did not cause such degenerate individuals. At this point I blame two things. One is Christianity. Any religion that teaches to leave the thinking to others is inherently evil. Of course, the druids were quite like this and as I understand so are the Brahmans from India. However, christian priests were apparently very successful at implementing this mentality. The other thing that I blame at this point is electricity. It enables some to do a lot of work for many and leaves the others to vegetation and their skills to wither away. It makes things like the television and music available at any second. Too many live, as there are too many resources available and this destroys our land. Where would people test their skills and become tough when there is no forest even big enough to get thoroughly lost in it?

This brings me back to the “survival training”: it was a joke. Everyone had things made by others from materials that would never naturally occur. Water repellant, unnaturally warm and light. Also one week is hardly survival. That time does not even require a meal! And in the summer. Seriously?? When our young ones would test their strength, they left with nothing in the spring after the first herbs started to sprout and they were expected to come back not before it got warm again in the following year. That is an effective way to keep all dumb and weak individuals from procreating. They died before they had the chance.

I shall stop this rant now and reduce my anger by hunting a bit more. I just wished, there was a way for me to go back and prevent this disaster…

The Wicked Witch.


Friday, 24th of August, 2018


I have started training my descendant magically and will report on her progress here, however, only after she has mastered a certain skill to avoid hindrance caused by anothers daemon.

I have been asked, why I only call Lady Celery my “descendant” and not her child or her ancestors in spite of the fact, that they are obviously also related to me. The reason is simply that she is the first in direct female line from me who inherited enough witchcraft to hear my call and awaken me. Other than that after so many generations, there simply is not much relation left.

Also, I have been introduced to some other witches and am not impressed. Apparently they feel that magic is more abstract than visible. I must find out what the difficulty with tangible power is in this time!

The Wicked Witch

Thursday, 16th of August, 2018


The last week has been very schooling for me, but let me start at the beginning:

As I had a few weeks to recover from my slumber, I am feeling quite well again (except magically – that part is simply a catastrophe and I do not know why). So I offered my descendant to hunt and gather for us since I am ready to contribute to our household.
But then I was informed, that a special permission from the “authorities” is needed, which is quite costly and requires specific formal education. And even gathering from nature is restricted, as you need to buy your own land to take from it!

How can intelligent beings accept to live under laws that forbid the most basic of human needs? I still hunted a bit though and we had a delicious dinner of fried cat and onions.

The Wicked Witch

Friday, 10th of August, 2018

In this week, My descendant went to a woman-healer for her “check up”. As I accompanied my descentant, I was offered to be examined as well, however, I have to say, that I do not have a taste for those strange sexual traditions.

The woman (who by the way did not seem very competent, there was not a single skull in her office) was to check if I have a cancer in my devine femininity, but when she expected me to lie on my back in a strange contraption I simply would not have it. I told her to kneel before me and be blessed, as I shall never be subjected to such a degrading procedure!

The Wicked Witch

Thursday, 2nd of August, 2018


This internet gave me advice: Fluffybunny123 thinks that

we should simply accept the ineffectivity of religion without blood because inflicting pain is bad.

I shall think on that.

666Satan666 said this:

Maybe you could teach your descentant how to be a better witch. You know, witches had some problems with getting burned for a while there, and maybe she just never had the chance to learn right!

I have taken this to heart and will continue to make an effort to educate her, however, I will also teach the child even though it will be a road riddled with hindrances as there is not even a proper funeral mound close by. We will have to make do with the tree cicle like those foolish druids.

The Wicked Witch



Friday, 27th of Juli, 2018


The last week has left me with some questions and I hear, that advice is given on this internet by strangers.

How can a religious ritual without a sacrifice (human or animal) possibly be effective?

Please answer me as quickly as possible.

Also I am in despair at my descendants inadequate magical abilities. She is hardly a witch – how did I not pass on my powers better? I alsmost regret undertaking this adventure. Maybe I should have lived to my demise in the world I have been born in?

The Wicked Witch

Thursday, 19th of Juli, 2018


Since I was awoken last week by my descendant from my nap, she has encouraged me to write about my experiences in this world. I am not sure what a “psyche” is, yet it is this part of me that is supposed to be helped this way. So there.

I am very greatful of course, that after such a substantial time, my spiritual call to my decendants was finally heared, but this woman gives me pause on occasion. I have never seen a 9 year old who has never slaughtered a bunny – instead they insist to let perfectly good food just live in in their home. Does she want her child to become entirely incompetent?

I suppose I will learn more about these strange customs during the next decades.

The Wicked Witch